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Shea butter treatments

We do facial and body treatments with the self-made, natural, wet melting products, which have a high content of Shea butter.

Telephone: +36 30 364 9392

Some words of the SHEA BUTTER

Cosmetics which are made of the SHEA BUTTER are emulsions, which are made with plant-based emulisifiers and they do not contain preservatives or additives. Adding natural vegetable oils and essential oils to it we can treat the skin problems effectively. The essential oils preserve the facial and bodycare products' microbiological stability.

The ingredients of SHEA BUTTER

SHEA BUTTER has 75% Triterpen, Triterpen alcohols, saturated, unsaturated and poliunsaturated fatty acids. A, E and F vitamines, Beta-Carotene and Allantonin. The content of Allantonin is quite special, because it is between 8-11%, contrarily with other oils. The Allantonin is important in the cell regeneration, it stops the inflammatory process and heals the wounds or scratches.
Logobel Beauty Saloon


Address: 51. Logodi Street, 1012 Budapest
Phone: +36 30 364 9392

Erzsébet Kovácsné Vetráb - cosmetician master

Julia Hende-cosmetician

 Phone: +36 30 583 8542

Opening hours:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 11.00am-17.00pm

Contact us for appointment outside our opening hours.